Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference 2018

When: 24/01/2018
Location: Nottingham

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Midlands event pic main

Paul Campion, CEO of UK Autodrive project partners the Transport Systems Catapult, will be delivering one of the keynote speeches at this year’s Midlands Intelligent Mobility Conference in Nottingham.

Organised by IMPART (the Intelligent Mobility Partnership) – which comprises researchers from Loughborough University, De Montfort University, Nottingham Trent University and Coventry University – the conference aims to take a realistic view on issues brought about by the transition towards Intelligent Mobility.

This conference will look at the myths about future transport and explore the real prospects of integrating autonomous vehicles into our roads. Prof Phil Blythe, Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems and Chief Scientific Advisor for the Department of Transport will open the discussion with a plenary session on how new transport systems could change the way we travel, and how mobility needs will change during the transition period towards full automation.

The conference will cover the following topics through presentations and workshop discussions:

  • Transition to driverless cars
  • Safety issues related to the adoption of autonomous vehicles
  • Accessibility to transport
  • How work productivity will be affected?
  • What jobs will be redundant and what jobs will be needed when intelligent mobility becomes a reality?
  • Outlook at future traffic, expectations and reality check
  • The impact of emerging car technologies on the environment

High-level speakers will present government and industry initiatives to support Intelligent Mobility and help develop the UK skills base. Special sessions will promote new collaborations with the academic sector.

Full programme details can be found at the IMPART website www.impart-upp.co.uk